Monototal ELISA

MonoTotal® assay determines soluble fragments of cytokeratin 19, 8 and, at certain extent, cytokeratin 18 in serum. The size of the determined cytokeratin fragments is in the range of 10-500 kDa. It is used as a marker of tumor activity reflecting malignant tissue degradation and cell necrosis in epithelial cell carcinomas, particularly in Non-small cell lung cancer.


Name Monototal® ELISA
Ref. C75236
Method ELISA
Tests 12x8
Enzyme Horseradish peroxidase
Detection Absorbance at 450 nm
Sensitivity (LoD) 15 U/L
Incubation conditions 2x1 hr/RT;shaking+15 min/RT+1 min/RT;shaking
Calibrator range 0;60-2 600 U/L
Sample volume (μL) 100
Sample form serum
Analyte info        
Instructions for Use