Immunotech History

Immunotech Prague join stock company has been established in 1990 during privatization of Radioisotope Research and Application Institute in Prague and took up to activities of Analytical Chemistry department of the institute. Essential activities of department were development, manufacturing a distribution of "in vitro" diagnostic kits for clinical diagnostics. In 1992 started  joint venture cooperation with French company Immunotech S.A.S, and Immunotech International was established in 1993. Immunotech International was acquired by american company Coulter Inc. in 1995 and subsequently by american company Beckman. International concern Beckman Coulter Inc. has been established.


In 2000, Beckman Coulter's headquater decided that Immunotech Prague would assume all dealership of Beckman Coulter Inc. for Czech and Slovak Republic and will support activities across midle and east Europe. Within the years 2003 and 2004, Immunotech Prague took over entire product's and customer's support for automated immunochemistry, clinical biochemistry, flow cytometry, clinical hematology and finally support for clinical and biochemical research.


On 15th March 2010, Immunotech Prague was split up and all commercial activities were transfered into newly established company Beckman Coulter Česká republika. Immunotech Prague retains manufacturing, development and distribution activites connected with manual "in vitro" diagnostic product family.

Whole concern Beckman Coulter Inc. has been acquired by Danaher corporation and became member of Danaher Group on 30th June 2011.

In November 2011, Immunotech Inc. has been transformed into Immunotech ltd. with sustaining all manufacturing, development and logistic activities.