ß2-microglobulin is a protein produced essentially by T lymphocytes and released into the extracellular environment. The measurement of b2-microglobulin in urine is used in the evaluation of the condition of the kidney and in blood for the determination of lymphocyte activity in AIDS and lymphoproliferative disorders, as well as the evaluation of the patient's response to tumour invasion.

Name Beta2-microglobulin RIA KIT
Ref. IM1113
Method RIA
Type Coated tubes
Tests 100
Max. Activity (kBq) 148
Sensitivity 0.06 mg/L
Incubation conditions 90 min/RT;shaking
Calibrator range 0;0.3-30 mg/L
Sample volume (μL) 50
Sample form serum; plasma; urine
Analyte info                      
Instructions for Use