Career in Immunotech Prague
Immunotech ltd. is company with leading position in the manual immunodiagnostics kit area. Our goal is to be strong and reliable partner to our customers. This goal depends on our emloyees. That's why we are looking for talented and energic people with interest to learn new thinks and with readiness to success and contribute to our goals.


Trainee program
Immunotech ltd. actively cooperates with talents from bachaleors and master study programs. We cooperate with Czech universities including The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague and Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles Univerzity in Prague.
Students are selected based on interview and participate on specific projects. Students get unique know-how in international company, get practise on technical position in such department and get overview about activities of other departments. Aim of such trainee program is to support students and provide them proffesional experience and get contact for further cooperation.


If you are interested in working in our company, please contact  our Human Resources department.


Human Resources department

Phone: +420 272 017 485


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