Cyclosporine direct

Cyclosporine A is a cyclic peptide which has marked immunosuppressive effect, affecting above all the T-cell production and thus the immune response of the organism. It is used to prevent rejection of graft in patients after transplantation. Because of Cyclosporine A toxicity, the therapeutically tolerable range is relatively narrow and drug concentration in patient's blood after transplantation must be regularly checked.

Name Cyclosporine direct RIA KIT
Ref. IM3679
Method RIA
Type Coated tubes
Tests 100
Max. Activity (kBq) 250
Sensitivity 1.61 ng/mL
Incubation conditions 1 hr/RT;shaking
Calibrator range 0;40-2500 ng/mL
Sample volume (μL) 20
Sample form whole blood
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Instructions for Use