Histamine in Food

This assay is intended for the determination of histamine content in blood. Histamine is a key factor in allergic response. It is also a useful tool to verify the freshness of fish. by the consumption of spoiled or bacterially contaminated fish may provoke intoxication called histamine fish poisoning (HFP). Testing food for histamine levels helps to prevent undesirable events caused by high histamine content, and it enables to check correctness of the manufacturing process. The assay is certified by AOAC Research Institute.

Name EIA Histamarine
Ref. IM2369
Method ELISA
Tests 12x8
Enzyme Alkaline phosphatase
Detection Absorbance at 405 nm
Sensitivity 0.05 mM
Incubation conditions 2x30 min/RT
Calibrator range 0;1-50 mM
Sample volume (μL) 50
Sample form extracts of solid samples (food)
Analyte info                      
Instructions for Use         
Reagents supplied separately Stop Solution, Ref. C03592