Immunotech s.r.o.


Immunotech Prague develops and manufactures manual "in vitro" diagnostic kits. Company offers wide range of radioactive (RIA/IRMA) and non-radioactive (LIA/ELISA) kits from reproductive, tumor markers, diabetes and other areas. Company's products are sold to hospitals and diagnostic laboratories worldwide, where the Immunotech products provide diagnostics results for diagnosis setting, medical treatment or monitoring patients' treatment response.  Furthermore, the kits are also used in research centers for complex biochemical process investigation, researching causes of illnesses and for development of new treatments methods or drugs. Immunotech Prague is part of global diagnostic and life science company Beckman Coulter. Selling of Immunotech Prague products is assured by Beckman Coulter Czech Republic, Manual Immunoassay Business (MIB) support team.


To Immunotech also belongs Eastern Europe Distribution Centre, the distribution centre providing logistic activities for all Immunotech Prague products as well as for certain product lines of Beckman Coulter company.


Immunotech Prague has certified quality system and is holder of ISO 13485:2012 certificate. Company is certified by NSAI, National Standard Authority of Ireland.



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